The California Girls in Iraq
Lisa was asked to go on tour fronting the California Girls, and was given
the honor and privilage of entertaining our troops in the middle east.
Here are some additional pictures and letters from the troops.

Also be sure to see the videos from the middle east on the video page!

Barbara Leoni, Lisa Haze, Max Miller, Sandy Walker
In Bagdad, performing for the troops

Helicopter-- we flew in Black Hawks. They left us out
in the middle of nowhere at some of the forward
operating bases.

Sandy singing at one of the gigs

Email From: "Red Saber"

Hello Ladies, First off, thank you so much for performing for us here at Tallil AB/Camp Adder, Iraq. I was at your show and thoroughly enjoyed it. Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect when I seen the flyers announcing the show. Boy what a pleasant surprise you turned out to be! The music was great and the performance even better. Being one of the "older generation" soldiers I really appreciated the musical choices - my personal favorites being Hotel California and Sweet Home Alabama. Watching you play to the crowd was thoroughly enjoyable. You went out of your way to make them a part of the show.
After touring your website a bit I realized you ladies have put a great deal into supporting the armed forces all over the world. You are to be commended for your continued support. I know it makes a difference to all the troops here that you took the time to perform here. It is truly nice to know that there are ladies like yourselves who go that extra mile to provide a little Morale booster for us.
LOL, of course there is a catch here. You mentioned something about running out of cds in Afghanistan and if we visited the website you would see about sending us one if we asked, so here I am asking!
Thank you so much for making the trip here. We are here because we are needed. You came because you care. It says a great deal about you all. All of us from Company A who attended the show enjoyed it. So once again Barb, Lisa, Sandy and Max - thank you. You are the best!
Best wishes and stay safe Ladies.

Lisa singing to the troops, real close and personal


Email from: "Ricky Harmon"

Thank you for performing for us, it was awesome to say the least and a personal thanks for me for coming over here to perform for the troops, they are a hard working, caring, a patriot group of folks that want nothing more than to be home with there loved ones, but not until the mission is done. I attached the photo of Lisa and I, I am rather fond of that photo.

Lisa and Sandy showin' off

Saddams head-- This is the actual statue that came
down at the fall of Saddam's reign as dictator...we
beat it up with our shoes


Hey Ladies

We really enjoyed you ladies in concert last night. I look forward to seeing you guys sometime in concert back in the old USA. You guys are the talk of Kuwait, it seemed that all of you touched the hearts of everyone here, at least the male hearts.

Its so nice of you guys to make it out to the front lines to see the troops, even when you guys are leaving so much at your homes too.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts

HTC (SCW) Barry Suiter
Inshore Boat Unit 16
Camp Patriot

Bus trip in flack jackets-- We were required to wear
bullet proof vests, and helmets, while traveling
outside of the bases

Picture outside with huge monument in background
--This is called the "Zigurat"

Sandy Walker walking in Marketplace

Palace with giant chandelier--- this is Saddam's
actual palace, we stayed in one of the guest palaces in Bagdad

GIs helping with party acoutrements for upcoming show

Hard Rock Cafe




Click here to see VIDEO of Lisa in Iraq






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