Welcome to Lisa!
This site is dedicated to the memory of the incredible life and
adventures of Miss Lisa Haze. Lisa was a Singer, Model, Actress
and Entrepreneur.She has been in countless films and
television shows, had a sony recording contract and has taken
fascinating trips to all parts of the world. Please enjoy your visit.

Lisa Haze 1963-2013

A Video Tribute
Please enjoy this celebration of the life and adventures of Lisa.
She was an Actress, Musician and World Traverler.
Her proudist accomplishment was entertaining
our troops during the Iraq war.

Lisa and the SkallyWagz

The SkallyWagz are Lisa's Rock and Roll Club and Dance Band!
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Lisa Haze & the Dr. Bones Band

Lisa's sultry and sexy voice fronts the retro/jazz Dr. Bones Band.
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Special Features
ASA Events

Lisa has been busy with all the fabulous events
sponsored by the Athletic Singles Association!
Sailing, Hang Gliding and a 70's Disco party
were all occasions to remember
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Lisa Haze Music Video!
Lisa pays tribute to the Glamorous Era of music
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New Lisa Haze Merchandise!
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Travel Pictures!
Lisa's trips to Haiti, Brazil
and Jamaica!

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